The Perfect Holiday Gift: A Magnolia Grace Concierge Subscription

Helga, who lives next door, is an independent 90 year old who prefers having her own place – which happens to be a second-floor walk-up. She does well with living alone overall, but, as with much of the elderly population in her circumstances, there are challenges. The stairway to her place is steep, and her balance is not what it once was. Getting items up and down those stairs can be difficult to nearly impossible at times. She also likes to have breakfast each morning at a nearby restaurant, but she doesn’t always feel up to driving there (yes, she still drives!) 

Frieda also lives nearby. Frieda, who is in her 70’s, lives alone and is independent, but she has lost hearing in one ear and her vision is very poor. She no longer drives, and needs help with transportation. She also needs for someone to help her with paying her bills, since she doesn’t see clearly.

Helga and Frieda are both examples of elderly people who are basically healthy, but whose lives could benefit vastly from a concierge, someone who can offer transportation, run errands, help with correspondence, clean, do laundry, or perform any number of tasks to aid an otherwise independent elderly loved one with various activities and chores. Interviewing and vetting individuals can be frustrating and time-consuming. But now, finding someone trustworthy to perform concierge services is as easy as contacting Magnolia Grace Senior Care. 

Magnolia Grace Senior Care now offers monthly concierge service subscriptions! Our senior staff will discuss the specific non-medical needs of your senior loved one and structure a monthly subscription accordingly. Once your subscription starts, your senior citizen will benefit from “a little help” with any number of tasks to help preserve his or her independence. 

A Magnolia Grace Senior Care concierge subscription will also free up precious time for your senior’s family members, so instead of spending visits cleaning or running errands, you can focus on spending quality time visiting with your loved one. Without the need for shopping, cleaning, or performing other chores, you can concentrate on creating new memories to cherish in the future.

A Magnolia Grace Concierge monthly prescription is designed to fulfill the non-medical needs of the elderly by relieving the need to perform certain tasks. For more information about this service, and to set up your tailored subscription, contact the Senior Staff at Magnolia Grace Senior Care to discuss your needs in more detail. Also, Magnolia Grace also offers a range of services for patients with more intensive needs, such as sitters, meal prep, medication assistance, etc. A consultation with a member of Magnolia Grace Senior Care’s senior staff can help you evaluate your unique situation and determine the appropriate level of care for your precious senior family member. If you need more information, or for answers to your questions about the appropriate level of care for your elderly loved one, contact Magnolia Grace Senior Care today.

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