Caregiver Burnout and Ways to Avoid It

In most families, senior family members, such as parents and grandparents, are loved and cherished. As they get older and need help with many seemingly simple, non medical tasks and activities, having family members care for them may at first seem like the perfect solution. After all, the caregiver’s role in such a scenario appears simple  and manageable. Occasionally providing transportation, helping with shopping, bill paying, housekeeping, and other recurring tasks, and providing companionship are all things that family members are capable of doing, and perhaps in the beginning, the need for assistance is slight, infrequent, and manageable. However, family caregivers have many other demands on their time, such as work, child care, property upkeep, and social obligations, to name a few. As time passes and senior family members continue to age and become more infirm, they need more assistance, which adds even more stress for the caregiver. This additional demand on the caregivers’ time and resources can prove very stressful and lead to “caregiver burnout”. Soon, the caregiver may become depressed and resentful about the time it takes to care for his or her senior loved one, and they may even lash out at them and other family members. Sometimes, this depression and resentment may even manifest itself as elder abuse and/or neglect by a caregiver who truly loves their senior family member and would ordinarily never behave in such a way toward their parent or grandparent. 

One solution for the problems of an increased need for assistance and company on the part of the senior family member coupled with the demands of daily life, as well as limited time and resources on the part of the caregiver is utilizing non medical senior care services, such as Magnolia Grace Senior Care. Being able to trust the fully vetted Magnolia Grace Senior Care team with helping a cherished senior loved one with non-medical tasks, such as grocery shopping, outings, light housekeeping, medication schedules, or perhaps just providing companionship, can free up time and obligations for the caregiver. Relying on the services of a Magnolia Grace Senior Care team member results is outstanding care and companionship for your senior loved one while freeing up time and reducing obligations for the caregiver, relieving stress that might result in depression and burnout.

Magnolia Grace Senior Care has a variety of different services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your senior family member, including buddy on call, assistance with total wellness, personal hygiene, and traveling, creating medication reminders, and help with meal prep/planning and budget and bill management. Whether your need is for a monthly contract for concierge service developed to suit your needs, a longer term contract for live-in care, or something in between, Magnolia Grace Senior Care will ensure that your needs are met by the right person for the job. 

Your loved one deserves the best you can put forth. Trust Magnolia Grace Senior Care to help relieve your caregiver stress so you can spend quality time with your senior loved one, reveling in your loving relationship. 

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