Alternatives to Assisted Living Homes

One terrific benefit of life in the 21st century is the many advances in medical science. Thanks to better treatments for diseases that were once untreatable, as well as the development of cutting-edge medical devices and procedures, many of us can now look forward to living well into our 80’s and perhaps even 90’s. But even though medical science can keep us alive longer, no one has yet figured out how to halt or reverse the natural aging process. We may live longer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean our health will be perfect during those extra years. Seniors still suffer from the inevitable loss of muscle mass, thinning bones, and failing memories. Some seniors and their families are inevitably faced with the need for round-the-clock assistance, either via an assisted living facility, a nursing home or by some other means.

Most seniors are reluctant to give up the neighborhood, home, and memories that have been a part of their lives for so many years, and there are other concerns as well. Most of us have heard stories of resident and public aggression/violence, other residents who wander, and theft from other residents and/or staff members in assisted living facilities. In fact, these problems make up the top security and safety concerns for security directors and managers at long-term care facilities, according to a survey conducted by the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety. With issues such as understaffing, overcrowding, limited visitation times, and astronomical prices, as well as others, it’s no wonder family members are desperate to find a better long-term care solution for their loved ones. 

One successful alternative is in-home care, such as that offered by the skilled workers at Magnolia Grace Senior Care. With a vetted and trained in-home sitter provided by Magnolia Grace Senior Care, your loved one need not leave their home, and they can continue to enjoy the quality of life to which they are accustomed, as well as family visits whenever they are desired. 

Studies show that early home care like that provided by Magnolia Grace Senior Care’s live-in caregivers can reduce the chances of necessary placement of an elderly family member in an institution and can increase the average life span of patients. Having at-home, live-in care has been shown to reduce stress, and patients tend to heal faster from injuries and surgeries at their homes. At-home care like Magnolia Grace’s live-in companion provides can reduce stress and allow families to keep living together, or visit any time, as often as desired. Perhaps best of all, with Magnolia Grace Senior Care, you play an active role in choosing your senior loved one’s home care provider. 

A Magnolia Grace live-in companion means the difference between transitioning to a strange place with limitations on your freedom and safety concerns and staying in a beloved home full of memories that is safe and secure. Contact the Magnolia Grace Senior Care staff for more information about our live-in companion program and to schedule an interview with a staff member. 

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